News from Coherence Rio + 20 partnerships

The past 10 days were very rich in exchanges with potential partners for Coherence Rio + 20, which are now confirmed.

Up to date, the confirmed partnerships are:

The International Investigation Institute for a Civilisation Policy

Created in February 2008 under the patronage of EDGAR MORIN, the International Investigation Institute for a Civilisation Policy has for mission to mobilise cross-cutting research on the major planetary challenges.  The IIRPC chose to work in three fields: the biosphere, social representations and gouvernance.

The French Network of Students for Sustainable Development (REFEDD)

REFEDD is composed of more than 90 student associations engaged on the long term to contribute to the building of a fair, solidarity-based and environmentally friendly society. Its main objectives are: the facilitation of an exchange platform between the network’s associations, the support of students in their projects.


Transport COHERENCE is a sail shipping transport company whose objective is to freight goods and people within a balanced economic scheme following a method which guarantees a high social value. The shipping services of TC are currently being built.

Energies 2050

ENERGIES 2050 is a non-profit organisation born in 2009 from the gathering of citizens of different nationalities and professional horizons as well as international experts on issues of climate change and energy as well as sustainable development. The association advocates an approach of energy in agreement with the principles of eco-development at the heart of citizen action.

Current discussions aim at giving content to the collaboration of Coherence Rio + 20 with those organisations. Partnerships are open to other organisations, and other exchanges are under course.



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