New course for Coherence Rio+20

The World Conference on Sustainable Development “Rio + 20″, according to the general opinion, was not up to the global challenges, ecological, economic and social. At the association Coherence Rio + 20, this lack of commitment is reflected by the difficulty to implement our project and find an arena other than “side events” and the People’s Summit for present the problem of maritime transport. We thank the Institute for International Policy Civilization to the place that gave us during the recent seminar “Rio, 20 years later,” to which we shall return later on to our readers.

After Rio + 20, the association Coherence Rio +20 proposes to conduct these objectives to the establishment of a Think Tank or laboratory of research and action on sustainability of maritime transport, to which we add river transport, which share common perspectives. The web of issues is broad, since it includes not only issues related to marine and river cargo vessels and strict sense, but also issues related thereto, upstream and downstream, as coastal development (ports) from its impact on the marine environment and land, as well as the quantity and quality of trade supporting these transports.

Indeed, the sustainability of freight transport can be achieved if changes are made in the flows and international trade rules. This is why Coherence Rio + 20 must register with a view to changing economies and existing companies, we propose to name after other “ecological and social transition” or “great transition”, terms which we now seem more explicit than “sustainable development”, which we will however continue to use in some contexts for understanding.


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