Coherence Rio + 20 will be in Rio despite the postponing of the floating forum

The board of Coherence Rio + 20 has taken the decision to postpone the floating forum, for financial reasons. But the association will be present with its partners at the Rio + 20 Conference and at the People’s Summit.

A few weeks ago, the association Coherence Rio + 20 had to take the painful decision to postpone the “floating forum for sustainable development” on the occasion of the conference Rio + 20. Indeed, despite all the efforts and contacts developed over the last few months, we had at that time received no promise of the funding required to organize the forum. Within two months of Rio + 20, we could not let the candidates participating in the expectation, and therefore had the announce to them and all of our partners the postponing of the floating forum.

Despite these unfortunate circumstances, we believe that the preparation work for the floating forum, and contacts taken have not been in vain. They gave us the opportunity to have many constructive discussions on the issues of sea transportation and the oceans. We were able to interact with leading players in these two areas, maintain a watch (still in progress), follow the preparations of Rio + 20, and also gather ideas for the rest of this adventure, which we should not stop at the first disappointment.

Good news: Coherence Rio + 20 has been accredited to attend the official proceedings of the Rio + 20 Conference. It should therefore be present at this event, and follow the discussions that relate to its purpose. The theme of shipping is not directly present in the official themes of the conference, but the question Oceans will be a key issue. For the director of Tara Expeditions, whom we interviewed, the adoption of an International Convention on the Law of the oceans would be a first step to regulate the impact of our societies on seas and oceans.

We also made arrangements to meet in Rio + 20 partners, and discuss with them issues of maritime transport and the possible implementation of collaborations: Axel Grael and the International Research Institute for Policy Civilization, including (see previous story). Our active members are currently discussing the content of our participation in this major event for sustainable development.


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