Towards an ecologically and socially responsible ship transport system

At the heart of globalisation, shipping circulates 90% of the goods transported. Perceived as environmentally friendly as compared to air and road transport, sea transportation actually account, by their mass effect and the lack of eco-efficiency, for 3.7% of global emissions of greenhouse gases, a proportion rising steadily, and 75% of sulfur oxide emissions, according to the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Shipping is also one of the main areas of opacity and lawlessness in the global economy and the supply chain. Thus half of the cargo ships sail under flags of convenience, encouraging any kind of escape from social and environmental responsibilities by these companies. Finally, the race for size increases the risk of pollution and illegal degassing at sea.

The evolution of the shipping industry concerns shipping companies, but also all the players in world trade, from production to consumption, and they should be participating to this debate. To reflect on the future of shipping, the floating forum offers experts cross-perspectives of eco-efficiency, energy and transportation, including the social and cultural aspects, as well as technical and social innovators. Participants will explore current initiatives in terms of social responsibility and innovations emerging in this sector.

After Rio + 20, our association extends its reflection to river transport, a natural extension of marine transport on continents. Involving less gigantic vessels, better controlled by states, river transport is already a significant alternative to transport by road, ecologically, economically and socially. However, it may grow even more than now, as waterway is under-used in the transportation of goods.

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