Social responsibility

Balance of life and human well-being

We are all responsible for the imbalances that create our collective lifestyles, to the extent of our power. But our health and that of our planet are closely related.

Circular economy and the Gaïa economy, and recently the Millenium Ecosystems Assessment (2005), remind us that human well-being is strictly linked to the health of ecosystems and of all living beings. The seas and oceans are a set of milieux of fundamental importance for the evolution of climate and living species. As our understanding of life cycles and sea species of continues to deepen, trends of various sources threaten their balance, resulting in: ocean acidification, detoriation of coral reefs, marine pollution, falling stocks of fished species.

The answers to these issues are in the legal and regulatory framework, but also economical and social. The Floating Forum participants will discuss these aspects, to assess the possible responses to these challenges.


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